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Montana History Conference

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Funded by a grant from the TPS Western Region at Metropolitan State College of Denver 


Montana Historical Society




National History Day Resources



The Montana Historical Society is a leader in the documentation, interpretation, and preservation of historical resources in Montana. 


Teaching with Primary Sources - Colorado is a regional division of the Library of Congress and a partner with the Society providing educational outreach and training in the use of primary sources, which supports the Montana Historical Society in its mission.


Core Concepts which will be shared in these workshops:

  • What primary sources are and how they fit into the classroom environment.
  • Reasons for teaching with primary sources.
  • How to teach with primary sources.
  • How to access and use primary sources and related resources from the Library of Congress and Montana History


Content Concept

  • Gain background knowledge related to:
    • The Civil War in Montana
    • Indian Wars in Montana
    • WWI and WWII in Montana
  • Aquire resources for  the above subjects so that they can be integrated into the classroom setting.

Goals and Objectives


Goal 1: Understanding Primary Sources 

  • Objective 1a: Explain what primary sources are and understand their value in teaching.  


Goal 2: Analyzing Primary Sources

  •  Objective 2a: Explore the connection between primary sources and 21st century learning skills and habits. 


Goal 3: Teaching with Primary Sources 

  •  Objective 3a: Use primary sources to align instruction with Common Core and state standards. 
  • Objective 3b: Investigate the ways primary sources and various technologies can promote  inquiry, literacy, differentiated learning, and creative expression of knowledge.


Goal 4: Exploring www.loc.gov 

  • Objective 4a: Access, save, and present primary sources from the Library of Congress website that fit your instructional needs.  


Goal 6: Understanding the Inquiry Process

  • Objective 6a:  Examine inquiry learning models and methods.  


Goal 7: Creating Inquiry Activities

  • Objective 7a: Design and create inquiry-based learning activities using primary sources from the Library of Congress 


Goal 8: Other Key Resources

  •      Introduction to Key sites that provide access to primary sources for Montana


Goal 9:  Introduce participants to Montana National History Day—as one way to incorporate inquiry into their curriculum.

  • Montana History Day resources and website information


Goal 10: Introduce new educational technology that makes working with primary sources easier

  • PSI 21 Wiki and Resources




* This wiki is not an official publication of the Library of Congress and does not represent official Library of Congress communications.


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